The Greater Adelaide Freight Bypass

The passage of heavy freight along Portrush Road is unacceptable and we have put up with it for far too long. 

It is ludicrous that our national highway network means trucks travelling from Melbourne to Perth pass through our suburban streets, increasing congestion and presenting safety concerns to thousands of school students, families and residents that live and go to school along Portrush Road. 

While there have been endless discussions about this issue over the years, the Marshall Government developed the Greater Adelaide Freight Bypass proposal, which would see heavy freight diverted around the back of the Adelaide Hills and along the Sturt Highway, bypassing Portrush Road and our local suburbs completely. The first step in constructing this alternative route is the Truro Bypass, which received joint funding from the state and federal governments in 2021. 

Regrettably, the Commonwealth Government removed funding for the Truro Bypass as part of their Infrastructure Funding Review in 2023. 

This funding needs to be reinstated and a broader commitment made to building the entirety of the Greater Adelaide Freight Bypass.

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I support building The Greater Adelaide Freight Bypass to get heavy trucks off Portrush Road